SVS Goes Discrete with Its All-New 3000 In-Wall Sub


(January 19, 2022) Having laid siege to the land of ultra low frequencies with a variety of cabinet-based subwoofer designs, the bass-obsessed folks at SVS have turned their attention to a new instrument of LFE domination. Over the last handful of years, we’ve watched the Ohio company reimagine its entire lineup from top to bottom, confidently flexing its top-shelf Ultra SB and PB16 designs and hitting hard with its diminutive 3000 Micro darling. Of course, gobs of nail-popping performance is harnessed throughout the model ranks marching in-between.

SVS’s latest design takes aim at the custom integrator circuit with a nifty In-Wall design, a first in the company’s history. The new 3000 In-Wall can be deployed in both new and old-work settings with the promise of easy installation and system integration. While SVS hasn’t released exact performance specs, the sub is said to achieve “massive” and “accurate” output using dual 9” drivers built into a sealed aluminum and MDF cabinet that fits discretely in a stud bay.

Power is delivered using an outboard 2U rack-mountable amp, rated at 800 Watts RMS (2,500 Watts peak) for single unit use or 400 Watts RMS when tasked to drive a dual subwoofer array. The amp features high-current output compliments of discrete MOSFETs with Class D efficiency, elegantly controlled by a 50MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP with 56-bit filtering.

The entire system can be operated and tuned using an interface and LED display on the amp’s face plate or through the SVS Subwoofer smartphone app (iOS, Android, and Amazon). The app allows for installers to set and control volume, adjust crossover frequencies, set a three-band parametric equalizer, polarity, room gain, and more, all from the listening position. Bi-directional feedback shows the adjustments in real-time on both the app and the front panel amplifier interface, further easing integration and operation.

Integrators can also design customized presets for use with various kinds of media accessed via a one-touch selection process. And multiple standby and wake-up modes allow for seamless system integration and performance.

SVS supplies a template for cutout of the sub’s mounting hole, with secure installation provided by dog-leg clamps or direct screw-mounting to a stud. An optional pre-construction kit with a template is available for new construction applications.

SVS President Gary Yacoubian explains: “The 3000 In-Wall subwoofer has been in development for quite some time from SVS because our engineers were never content with anything less than reference performance for this important category. An architectural subwoofer that delivers truly breathtaking output with astonishing depth and accuracy, plus sophisticated tuning and control is a first. No more compromises for clients who want reference quality bass without taking up floor space. Plus, it’s easy to install in any room and provides unmatched versatility.”

The 3000 In-Wall is scheduled to begin shipping in June, with pricing currently set at $1,299.99 for a single subwoofer and amplifier, and $1,999.99 for dual subwoofers and an amplifier. AV NIRVANA will follow up with more information as it becomes available.

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Feb 11, 2018
Question about in-wall subs and speakers. Do these applications create more vibrations throughout the room/house than their in-room counterparts do? How do they do with sound isolation?
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