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Sep 30, 2017

I'm looking for the maximum improvement to be reached with the help of Rew and minidsp 2x4hd.

I have a simple stereo setup in my oddly shaped livingroom.
I don't want to move furniture arround.
and for now, im not looking into acoustic treatment yet.

So i played with the only variable left, speaker positioning.
Didn't know that a few inches of change would do so much.
Moved the speakers up, down, back and forth, straigt positioning and tow in.
Which led to 12 measurements per speaker.

I focussed on the amount- and size of dips.(because i understood that dips are to be tackled with fisical room treatment)
This gave me an insight of the best speaker position.

On the peaks i aplied some EQ on which i generated a filter that i copied to my minidsp.
I was alrady amazed by the changes it gave.(mainly positive)

Here are the results before and after EQ on left speaker.

Here are the results before and after EQ on right speaker.

left and right speaker after EQ.

Since Rew is new to me, are these respectable results for an untreated room?
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