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Apr 2, 2021
I just installed latest REW beta on my dell Windows 10 laptop. UMIK-2 mic. HDMI out from laptop to AVR (via HDMI-In bypass on Oppo Blu ray). Followed Austin Jerry REW setup guide including ASIO4All (only devices selected are the hdmi output audio device snd and umik-2) 90 degree calibration file, 16 bit / 48hz on input and output etc.

Really odd problem.

The Measurement sweeps sound all crackly and distorted in every speaker.

However, after the Measurement window is opened, if I immediately change the output HDMI channel OR audio timing reference hdmi channel before a sweep, it sounds normal.

If the measurement window is closed and reopened, same problem with crackly / staticky sweep, until a channel is changed!

I have observed the same behavior with the REW “Generator” when making sweeps or sine wave- if the static occurs , an hdmi channel change seems to (temporarily) fix it.

I have only seen a handful of posts about this (including from 2019) but no solution.

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John Mulcahy

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Apr 3, 2017
Probably worth trying FlexASIO to see if the same problem happens there. If not, stick with that.
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