Sound card protection for impedance measurement

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    First of all thanks a lot for creating REW, it is very helpful for me and really easy to use.

    I've been trying to measure the impedance of loudspeakers using the software and a Scarlett 2i2. It works well when I do it using a low level in the power amplifier, but I want to measure it at high power in order to be able to tune a vent very precisely.
    To protect the sound card inputs, I'm trying to use a simple voltage divider in front of the inputs but I cannot understand how to set it up.
    I tried several wirings but none of them seem to work like the one I joined.
    I am not sure whether I should connect the negative part of the probes to the ground or not and how to choose properly the R1 and R2 values.
    Does any of you have ever tried it?

    Thanks a lot,

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