Smaller Cabinet, Same Deep Bass! Atlantic Technology Launches It’s New AT-3 Tower Speaker


(December 16, 2020). Atlantic Technology has announced yet another new release during one of the most difficult manufacturing years in recent memory. This time it’s a re-imagination of an older model. The all-new AT-3 officially bumps the company’s AT-1 to the curb, while borrowing some of the former model’s bass improving technology.

Atlantic Technology says the AT-3 is 25-percent smaller than its former self, many thanks to the company’s proprietary H-PAS technology. H-PAS or Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System is the reason the AT-3’s reasonably small design (9.5” W x 39.6” T x 12” D, 57lbs) can dig down to 29 Hz with a sensitivity of 85 dB. Utilizing an internal inverse horn structure and an acoustic bass trap chamber, the AT-3 is able to filter out invasive resonances and distortion to “clarify” bass exiting the cabinet's front port.

“With the resurgence of high-quality vinyl playback gear and Hi-Res digital music, Atlantic Technology’s AT-3 is a loudspeaker that delivers stunningly accurate full-range sonic performance that’s a perfect complement in a pure two-channel music system,” says Paul Fredrickson, Business Development Director at Muto Communications, Atlantic Technology’s global PR and Business Development partner. “At the same time, the AT-3’s outstanding extended low-end dynamics are perfect for a multi-channel home-theater system. How does Atlantic Technology offer such extraordinary bang for the buck in a compact tower cabinet design? The answer is H-PAS.”

The speaker’s 2-way arrangement features a fiberglass cone woofer that’s exceptionally light on its feet, delivering a transient response and that’s 3 to 5-times faster than similar but heavier low-resonance drivers. According to Atlantic, the woofer’s deep bass capabilities hit below 30Hz at SPLs that exceed 106dB with harmonic distortion under 3-percent. A user-adjustable 1-inch liquid could silk dome tweeter mounted in a foam frame is mated to the woofer with a crossover network that’s tuned lower than your average 2-way design. The result, says Atlantic, is an exciting transient response from top-to-bottom.

Aside from company-described high-quality crossover components, the AT-3 ships with heavy-duty cast iron feet with adjustable spikes and rubber feet, detachable magnetic grille frames, and an eye-catching hand-polished metal-flake gloss-black finish.

The AT-3 Tower Speaker is priced at $3,000 per pair and is shipping now. For purchasing information, visit Atlantic Technology on the net.
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