Simaudio Announces Its New Ultra-Expensive MOON 390 Network Player

Simaudio Announces Its New Ultra-Expensive MOON 390 Network Player


(Simadudio) The new ROON 390 is available in three colors.
(October 3, 2018) What can $5,300 buy you in the audio world? In some cases a lot, in others very little, all depending on your definition of scope and budget. In this case, that kind of hefty coin can fetch you Simaudio’s all-new MOON 390 multifunctional network player.

The MOON 390 is billed as a jack-of-all-trades music system, designed to orchestrate a true high-end streaming experience. Internally, it carries a DAC, preamp, headphone amp, configurable MM/MC phono stage, Bluetooth aptX connectivity, network streaming prowess, and a front mounted OLED screen. And while the inclusion of built-in amplification is noticeably absent (something that’s found on MOON’s integrated amp/streaming Neo Ace model), the 390’s internal tech is quite impressive.

The player’s ESS DAC Pro chip supports PCM (32-bit/384kHz) and DSD (up to DSD256). And it carries the brand’s new MiND2 module (otherwise known as MOON intelligent Network Device), which opens the door to MQA compatibility with music sourced through both local music files and TIDAL Master. Accordingly, it also offers support for Qobuz Sublime+ and Deezer Hi-Fi Hi-Res audio. In addition, the system ships “ROON ready,” which means it’s compatible with ROON’s audio system software that provides access to a wide range of music sources including music stored on NAS, USB, or a computer.

The backside of the unit offers a range of analog and digital connectivity options which can be streamed to other MiND 2-enabled products located in Zones arranged on the same network. Those options include both RCA and balanced XLR inputs/outputs, USB, SPDIF, and TOSLINK inputs, and four 4K compatible HDMI inputs (one out).

The MOON 390 is available for purchase now in black, silver, and mixed black and silver color options.
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