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Dec 30, 2018
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First I'd like to ask if the 240 volt option offered on the SubMersive HP+ and HP Slave is technically speaking, a wise choice? In other words is there any sort of consequence (possibly higher distortion levels?) to the extra power gain other than the cost of the option? ($400 I think) It boots power from 4000 to 6000 watts continuous when both subs are connected. Would this be a recommended option by anyone on this forum? Has anyone ever heard this version?

The above brings up another question I have regarding the amp being rated at 2400 watts (120V) when running as a single sub versus 4000 watts when paired with the Slave. "The amplifier is in one enclosure and is capable of driving several passive slaves, to the point that the impedance the active sub sees is 2 ohms. Obviously, this is a job for heavy duty Class D amplifiers, and that is what powers the Seatons." (HThifi) My question is.... isn't there some sort of loss of quality when wiring a speaker setup in a manor that an amp realizes a lower impedance, therefore allowing higher power output? Isn't there some sort of consequence to doing this, regardless of how good the amp is?

Another question regarding sub amps. The SVS Ultra 16 is rated at 1500 watts continuous and over triple that number to 5000+ peak. Does the SVS operate at a higher impedance than the Seatons resulting in lower distortion levels for the SVS in regards to amplifier output? Surely that Seaton isn't achieving over triple the continuous rating for it's peak on the 240V version? That would be over 18,000 watts! (I couldn't find a peak power rating in the specs) So if it's not triple or even close to it, what's that say about the continuous power rating and it's impedance as compared to an SVS Ultra?

I may be way off base (haha) on some of my reasoning but that's why I'm asking here on this forum, as I'm trying to get a better understanding of all these specs I read about when researching speakers and subs.

Thanks, Brian
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I've heard dual powered Submersives more than once and am sure Seaton did not compromise the design when going to an amp that can power several.

I would not focus too much on amp power or distortion levels with these two options, Seaton and SVS. These are both extremely capable performers. If multiple subs are in the future, the Submersive is an cost effective option.
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