SANUS' New Advanced Full-Motion TV Mounts Blend Original Styling with Functionality


(October 4, 2019) Sanus has launched a new series of room-friendly solid steel frame TV mounts. Drawing from design cues found on modern TVs and high-end Kitchen appliances, its new Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mounts are built to perform while offering sleek aesthetics when exposed during use.

"While flat-panel TVs have continued to dazzle with ever-slimmer, more streamlined designs, mounts have retained their status as infrastructure equipment to be hidden out of sight," explains Jim Mugge, Senior Product Manager at Legrand | AV. "With the introduction of the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mounts, our aim is to change that. These mounts are the first of their kind, with a sophisticated design that complements any room, while offering the advanced functionality that defines SANUS."

SANUS engineers designed the mounts to make TVs appear extraordinarily flush to the wall when closed, while giving owners smooth operability when manually extending and tilting their display. The mounts are available in four different sizes, accommodating the following TV sizes and weights:
  • 46" to 95" (up to 175 lbs): VXF730-B2
  • 42" – 90" (up to 125 lbs): VLF728-B2
  • 32" – 55" (up to 55 lbs): VMF720-B2
  • 19" – 40": (up to 35 lbs): VSF716-B2
Each size, save for the larger VXF730-B2, are currently available both brushed Stainless Steel (Black trim) and brushed Stainless Black (Charcoal Grey trim). SANUS only lists the VXF730-B2 as being available in Black/Charcoal at this time. For more information about the Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mounts and other SANUS products, click here.


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