Rotel’s RAP-1580MKII and RSP-1576MKII Surround Processors Ship with Dirac Live


(September 17, 2020) Japan-based Rotel continues to build upon 60 years of audio excellence with the release of its new RSP-1576MKII and RAP-1580MKII surround processors. Beyond audiophile-grade components and attention to build detail, both models offer owners access to Dirac Live room correction for expertly tuned sound.

The RSP-1576MKII is a multi-channel pre/pro capable of supporting 7.1.4 channels of output. Internal processing leans on six high-end Wolfson DACs and a Texas Instruments quad-core DSP for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding. Sound quality is honed by a proprietary toroidal transformer, noise rejecting circuitry, and acoustic tuning of all critical audio circuits.

On the connectivity front, the RSP-1576MKII features seven 4K-friendly HDMI inputs (two out), and a host of audio inputs including XLR, optical, coaxial, RCA analog, 7.1-multi-channel, a built-in Moving Magnet Phono stage, iOS-friendly USB, and 24-bit/192kHz USB. Wireless functionality is limited in comparison, only offering apt-X Bluetooth streaming.

Of course, The RSP-1576MKII can be mated with any of Rotel’s Class AB standalone amplifiers. Those include the RMB-1585 (5 x 200W, 8 ohms), RMB-1555 (5 x 120W, 8 ohms), RB-1590 (2 x 350W, 8 ohms), RB-1582MKII (2 x 200W, 8 ohms), RB-1552MKII (2 x 120W, 8 ohms), RMB-1506 (6 x 50W, 8 ohms), and RMB-1504 (4 x 70W, 8 ohms).

The RAP-1580MKII is essentially an amplified version of the RAP-1576MKII, with a few tweaks. HDMI-wise, it bumps the total number of inputs to eight (including one that’s front-mounted), but only three are 4K capable. And seven channels of powered output allows owners to push 100 watts per channel (8 ohms, all channels) or 200 watts per channel (4 ohms, 2 channels) into speakers of their choice. That means the RAP-1580MKII can natively be configured to drive overhead and surround speakers while external power amps can be tapped for main channels.

Both models ship with Dirac Live and a microphone, however, they carry licenses for different versions. The RSP-1576MKII offers access to Dirac Live Full, enabling automatic frequency and time domain adjustments across a 20Hz-20KHz spectrum. The RAP-1580MKII, however, only carries Dirac Live LE, which limits correction up to 500Hz.

The RAP-1580MKII and The RSP-1576MKII possess tasteful utilitarian physical features and can be purchased in either black or silver. The RSP-1576MKII ($3,499) is shipping now, and the RAP-1580MKII ($4,999) is scheduled to hit store shelves in October 2020.


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Dec 5, 2017
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Surprised not to see xlr out on the RSP-1576MKII.


Also 1V output seems a bit low. Wouldn’t you want 2V out for compatibility with more amps?

Edit: Missed the balanced inputs. Makes no balanced outputs even more odd.


Oct 15, 2018
Surprised not to see xlr out on the RSP-1576MKII.

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Also 1V output seems a bit low. Wouldn’t you want 2V out for compatibility with more amps?

Edit: Missed the balanced inputs. Makes no balanced outputs even more odd.
1V output is totally gimped. It will have the same problem like MiniDSP.


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Haven't heard from Rotel in years... use to have one of their processors back in the early 2000's. I had forgot about them.
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