1. Main Floor Media / Gaming Set-up

    Main Floor Media / Gaming Set-up

    I posted my 7.4.4 Home Theater system that I'd built out in the basement and have evolved/upgraded over the last two years. Wanted to share with the group my smaller media / gaming / 2-channel set-up that I use on the main floor of my home. Like the home theater, I've gone through several...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Rotel’s RAP-1580MKII and RSP-1576MKII Surround Processors Ship with Dirac Live

    (September 17, 2020) Japan-based Rotel continues to build upon 60 years of audio excellence with the release of its new RSP-1576MKII and RAP-1580MKII surround processors. Beyond audiophile-grade components and attention to build detail, both models offer owners access to Dirac Live room...
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