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Mark Seaton

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Apr 24, 2017
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Hi John,

I've been a long time fan and user of the REW software. I love the recent expansion to 8 available subwoofer sources with level and delay adjustments. I have two graphic suggestions, and one feature/adjustment suggestion.

1. Graphically, it would be very helpful if we could "Hold" a displayed response graph while making adjustments to try and find a superior alternate.
2. The less critical feature would be the ability to adjust the displayed frequency range and/or vertical scale, particularly when the primary focus is subwoofers.

3. Based on how we typically can and do adjust subwoofers in real rooms, it would be very helpful if we could link multiple subwoofers as a group for adjustment of delay and level. While we can do this now, it's harder to visualize the changes when made one unit at a time.

Thank you again for such a wonderful tool for enthusiasts,

Mark Seaton
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