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    Hello everyone,my first post here.

    I use REW since several years,and I really like the Room Sim feature.
    It's really a great tool.I would like to suggest/request an additional option inside it.

    I think a huge improvement would be to have the possibility to visualize SBIR only,with the same 3D behaviour.
    I mean the possibility to move head/speaker in the room as already,but choosing to visualize only Modes,or only SBIRs,or both in action.

    Having also visualization of lines of SBIR path would be even a really cool thing.

    I have an homestudio for audio production/mix/master,already treated with broad and Low specific treatment.
    I can do the math for finding SBIR frequency and paths by myself,but seeing how good REW RoomSim is,it would save a LOT of time to have these features integrated.

    Maybe they are already integrated in REW and I missed,if so please let me know.

    Anyway,REW is really a cool software,keep up the good work guys.

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