Problem with measurment in Room EQ Wizard

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    Hello, i have a problem right at the start at calibration. I used the Behringer ECM 8000 to measure, connected via Scarlet 2i2 sound card. I was using measurement tutorial from Room EQ Wizard on youtube. At preferences window i set up the Output device Speaker and Input device Scarlet 2i2. During the calibration i put the microphone close to the speaker (the gain on the sound card is the maximum on both the channels and the master gain), but the volume gets only about -30 dBFS, reaching -12 dBFS.

    Where can be the problem ?

    Thanks for your answers.
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    Soundcard calibration is for a wired connection from a line output to a line input. If you are confident there is no feedback from the mic to the speakers (so tapping the mic does not produce baby sound from the speaker) you can skip the calibration.

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