Portrait Displays Launches the C7 HDR, a High-Luminance Colorimeter That's Light on Price, Heavy on Performance


(November 25, 2023) Portrait Displays, best known for its popular Calman video calibration software, has launched a new high-luminance colorimeter for enthusiasts. Designated as the C7 HDR and priced at a wallet-friendly $299, Portrait Displays says the device can measure up to 10,000 nits and “offers a remarkably low minimum luminance range down to 0.002 cd/m²." That, says the company, is leaps and bounds better than mid-tier meters offered by the competition.

“The C7 HDR embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of color calibration technology, ensuring that creators and consumers have confidence in content creation and consumption, a truly lens-to-living room experience,” states Eric Brumm, President & CEO of Portrait Displays.

The C7 HDR is equipped with unlimited custom Spectral Matrix Corrections (SMCs), a technology that allows for optimization with a wide range of display technologies. This bespoke approach allows the device to offer impressive levels of accuracy as compared to other similarly priced devices that typically only give calibrators access to general or basic calibration profiles. It also makes for field upgradability, meaning that it can be updated to meet the needs of newer technologies without needing factory returns. Additionally, the inclusion of hundreds of available memory slots guarantees long-term usability as technologies evolve.

The compatibility of the C7 HDR with all display types, including QD OLED, WRGB OLED, RGB OLED, Mini-LED, and Micro-LED, broadens its application across consumer electronics and professional content creation environments. And its vast flexibility is enhanced by impressive exposure ranging from 256ms to 16 seconds and a detachable cable that allows for interchangeable connections between USB-C to USB-A or USB-C to USB-C.

The C7 HDR is being offered for sale as a standalone product or as part of a bundle. Professionals can take advantage of new bundles, including a C7 HDR, VideoForge PRO 8K, and a choice of Calman Ultimate, Calman Studio, or Calman Video Pro (all of a $190 savings). For consumers, Portrait Displays has created what's described as the world’s first turnkey calibration solution tailored for consumers. Customers can purchase a C7 HDR bundle with Calman Home for LG or Calman Home for Panasonic to save $45.

For more information and to order the C7 HDR Colorimeter, visit portrait.com. Click here for bundle pricing.
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