Polk Audio’s Labor Day Sale Knocks $500 Off Its Flagship L800, and More!

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(September 6, 2021) If you’ve been in the market for new speakers and Polk Audio is on your radar, this might be a week to remember! Starting today, September 6, through next Sunday, September 12, Polk is offering up to $500 off its Legend and Reserve Series speakers.

First announced two years ago, Polk’s Legend Series is loaded with premium speakers designed to render lifelike detail and true stereo imaging. It’s headlined by the L800, Polk’s first SDA speaker launched in decades. The L800 draws from the company’s iconic technology invented by Mathew Polk in the early 1980s. SDA is employed to minimize the harmful effects of interaural crosstalk (IAC), a natural distortion that exists when traditional stereo speakers are deployed.

The company’s step-down Reserve Series offers everything needed to enjoy a dynamic home theater or stereo experience. With Labor Day savings, the line’s top R700 floor stander can be had for less than $899.

To take advantage of these savings, visit PolkAudio.com, Amazon, or your local dealer.

Polk Audio: Legend Series Speakers are up to $500 off
  • L100: $200 off, was $999, will be $799
  • L200: $300 off, was $1,499, will be $1,199
  • L400: $300 off, was $1,799, will be $1,499
  • L600: $250 off, was $1,749, will be $1,499
  • L800: $500 off, was $2,999, will be $2,499
  • L900: $100 off, was $599, will be $499
Polk Audio: Reserve Series Speakers are up to $200 off
  • R100: $100 off, was $649, will be $549
  • R200: $100 off, was $749, will be $649
  • R300: $50 off, was $449, will be $399
  • R350: $50 off, was $599, will be $549
  • R400 & R500: $100 off, were $649. will be $549
  • R600: $150 off, was $849, will be $699
  • R700: $200 off, was $1,099, will be $899
  • R900: $100 off, was $549, will be $449
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