Playback Distribution and Amphion Loudspeakers Strike Deal to Expand Amphion's U.S. Presence


(February 16, 2024) Amphion Loudspeakers recently locked down a strategic partnership with Playback Distribution to enhance accessibility to its premium speakers in the United States. This collaboration is being celebrated at this weekend's Florida International Audio Expo in Tampa, marking a significant step towards broadening Amphion's reach. The Krypton3X, alongside Amphion's Argon and Helium lines, will be showcased at the Expo, where attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to experience these products firsthand in Playback Distribution's exhibition space (Room 1006).

With a history of over 25 years, Amphion says its speakers strive to deliver "honest and accurate sound reproduction." In doing so, the Finnish company has expanded its expertise from HiFi speakers to professional studio monitors, falling into the hands of audio engineers mixing albums for artists such as Billie Eilish, Beck, Kendrick Lamar, and film composer artists like Ali-Shaheed Muhammed and Jussi Tegelman.

The Krypton3X ($24,000/pair), Amphion's flagship loudspeaker, introduces an innovative cardioid midrange designed to minimize unwanted reflections, ensuring pristine sound quality regardless of room size or speaker placement. This cutting-edge design, combined with a powerful bass system, aims to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience reminiscent of live orchestral performances.

The Argon Series includes the Argon0 desktop loudspeaker, Argon1 and Argon3S bookshelf speakers, as well as the Argon3LS and Argon7LS floor standing speakers and the Argon5C center channel. The Helium line consists of easy-to-place speakers with an adaptable yet modern design. It carries two bookshelf speakers (Helium410 and Helium510), a center (Helium520C), and a single floor standing model (Helium520).

All speakers in the Argon and Helium family may be purchased individually or combined to create a comprehensive home theatre setup.

The company behind Amphion's expanded US presence is Playback Distribution. Established in 2023, it brings a fresh perspective to the distribution of high-end audio equipment in the United States with a team led by industry veterans Rob Standley and Keith Haas. The company is committed to offering a curated selection of premium brands and products, including Amphion's loudspeakers, to audiophiles and entertainment enthusiasts nationwide.

Amphion's CEO, Anssi Hyvönen, expressed enthusiasm about the budding partnership. “We are very excited about the opportunity to work together with Playback distribution. They are a passionate and capable organization who can quickly raise the awareness and availability of Amphion home products in the American market." He continued, "Our products are widely used by some of the world’s top sound engineers and now the audiophiles will have a chance to experience their work in undiluted fashion also thru products, which will expose new exciting details and nuances even from recordings you thought you knew by heart.”

For more information on Amphion's products and their availability through Playback Distribution, visit Amphion and Playback Distribution on the web.
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