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    Pioneer Introduces A New Flagship Audiophile Headphone: SE-MASTER5

    (Pioneer Home Entertainment)

    (June 16, 2017) Pioneer Home Entertainment has added to its high-end audiophile grade headphone offerings. Joining last year’s SE-MASTER1 cans, is the new SE-MONITOR5 ($999 US/ $1499 CAD). If price is an indicator, Pioneer believes this model has the beef to battle with some of the industry’s top models, so let’s check them out.

    As the article image suggests, the SE-MONITOR5 has a fully enclosed design utilizing duralumin alloy hanger arms with isolating rubber attachment points to allow for a perfect fit with a reduced chance of left and right channel interference. Pioneer has adorned the headband with thick padding, and the earpads are constructed of memory-foam cushioning. Two kinds of earpads ship with the SE-MONITOR5: soft velour-type cloth and soft leather-type. All indications point to a luxurious fit and feel.

    Mechanically speaking, the SE-MONITOR5 calls on several construction techniques employed on the older SE-MASTER1, the primary of which is the use of a “Full Basket System.” This system secures the driver assembly to base and housing structures using a magnesium alloy bracket and screws. Pioneer says the base and housing are also constructed from magnesium alloy, which is a rigid material that’s known for its low vibration properties (less vibration means less interference and distortion).

    The SE-MONITOR5’s driver is a large surface 50mm full range design that is devoid of a crossover. It’s reported response is 5Hz to 85kHz. This proprietary design was created with clarity and precision in mind, tapping cellulose nano-fibers for driver materials and a dual-chamber system that limits external sound from entering the headphone.

    Three different cords are included with the headphone: two unbalanced and one balanced. Both unbalanced bi-wire cords feature gold-plated 3.5mm stereo connectors, while the balanced cord carries a 2.5mm 4-pole stereo plug for compatibility with digital audio players.

    The SE-MONITOR5 is available for purchase now through authorized Pioneer retailers.


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