Periodic Audio Launches Rhodium – A New Ultra-Compact DAC


(April 1, 2021) Small in size and price, Periodic Audio’s latest reveal is a high-resolution DAC designed to maximize digital music’s sound quality without taking up space. Rhodium ($49) is compatible with Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows with plug-and-play performance out-of-the-box.

“Although the Rhodium is extremely desktop-friendly, in keeping with our ‘Mobile-First’ design ethos,” explains Periodic Audio co-founder Dan Wiggins. “Of course it also fits in your pocket, and can easily be used to enhance music from your mobile devices.”

Built with precision audio-grade passive components and oxygen-free copper wire, Rhodium provides signal conversion up to 32-bit/384kHz while directly feeding a high-power amplifier output stage for wired headphones. In fact, it seamlessly integrates with Periodic’s Nickel amp and in-ear monitors.

“Creating an audio-signal path comprising a Rhodium DAC, Nickel analog power amp, and a pair of our IEMs was no accident,” says co-founder Ben Webster. “We saw an opportunity to emulate the highly successful and logical signal-path architectures represented in the high-end audio component space. The Nickel’s high-input impedance effectively turns the Rhodium into a precision DAC-preamplifier, and the pristine signal feeding the Nickel’s analog input stage does wonders for the sound quality of the high-efficiency IEMs we build. The combination sounds like a system of perfectly matched high-end components—the difference is that you can stick it in your pocket!”

In addition to its Hi-Res prowess, Rhodium delivers a dynamic range of 113dB, a signal/noise ratio of 108dB, and a broad frequency response of 2Hz-192kHz (+0/–3dB). Those capabilities are graced by less than 0.007% total harmonic distortion.

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Wow! Great price at just $49. I've demoed a few of their IEMs in the past and they sounded very good. I hope their electronics are also a positive experience.
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