periodic audio

  1. Todd Anderson

    Periodic Audio Launches Rhodium – A New Ultra-Compact DAC

    [float_right] [/float_right] (April 1, 2021) Small in size and price, Periodic Audio’s latest reveal is a high-resolution DAC designed to maximize digital music’s sound quality without taking up space. Rhodium ($49) is compatible with Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows with plug-and-play...
  2. tesseract

    Full Review: Periodic Audio's Be (Beryllium) In-Ear Monitor

    [FLOAT_RIGHT][/FLOAT_RIGHT] [FLOAT_LEFT] Introduction Periodic Audio is a relatively new name in the IEM (In-Ear Monitor) game, coming to us about May of 2016. The PA team possesses over 140 years of combined high-end development experience and has already set fire to the industry with the...
  3. Eric SVL

    Periodic Audio Discussion Thread

    Thought I'd start a thread for discussion of headphones and amps. Currently, there are three models of in-ear monitors available, and one amplifier. All three models share the same design, with the driver material producing the sonic differences between them. Post...
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