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Jul 5, 2021
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I've been setting up the minidsp as a FIR engine, but it's limited in it's power, so I've been thinking about using a PC based solution (EqualizerAPO potentially)

What's a good soundcard in order to process the input audio? I was expecting to route the LCR,RR,RL preouts to PC, run EqualizerAPO to process the signals and then route out.

Almost every PC has 5.1 out, but I can't immediately find a card for multi-channel input audio?

Any thoughts or ideas?


Jul 23, 2021
I'm not a professional at anything, however I have built several computers.
I was just browsing and happened onto this thread.
To the best of my knowledge the following is my understanding.
PC audio cards are designed to convert digital files from your computer to analog output signals and as such they have no analog inputs. You would need an analog to digital converter (ADC) with a USB output for delivery to your computer and then the PC audio card or program on your computer could do the work of adjusting your sound and output back to analog.
The above method would require you to purchase a audio card of superior quality of which there are a limited selection.
I used the above method for a short time. I have however, altered my setup and no longer rely on my audio card.
An alternative solution can be the HDMI output of your video card to either an AVR or Pre/Pro or out-board DAC for processing the digital signal back to analog. The overall quality of your video card won't be called to duty since the card is only providing the transport of the HDMI signal, not processing it. HDMI has proven to be a very hi-quality audio system, so much so that several manufacturers include an audio only HDMI input/output on their products.
Hope this helps,
Should you desire to use a audio card that is of audiophile quality,
I do have a ASUS PCI-Express x1 Sound Card XONAR Essence for sale :)
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