Paradigm’s Millenia LP Trio Soundbar Delivers Super Low-Profile Soundbar Performance


(October 4, 2019) The Millenia LP Trio Soundbar is Paradigm’s sixth official Millenia Series member, offering a middle ground price point (MSRP $999) wedged between the company's Millenia 20 Trio ($1,249) and Millenia LP XL ($699) soundbar solutions. Scheduled to begin shipping in early November 2019, the LP Trio’s 48” width makes it the perfect mate for almost any 55” flat panel television.

One of the LP Trio’s more desirable physical characteristics is its diminutive depth, which measures a mere 2” once installed with the included low-profile wall bracket. If wall mounting isn’t desired, owners can position the soundbar on a mantel or shelf using the supplied L brackets and adjustable feet. Notable exterior appointments include a magnetically attached black grilled and brushed black aluminum faceplate, all of which dress-up a rigid, sealed, ABS cabinet.

Sound-wise, the LP Trio is a passive soundbar, making the use of an external amplifier necessary. The speaker presents a 3-channel array of drivers laced with three S-PAL aluminum dome tweeters and six anodized aluminum unibody come bass/midrange drivers.; overall frequency response is specified to be 160Hz-21kHz. The Millenia Series' room-friendly MilleniaSub ($1,399) is the perfect pairing for a more profound bass-laden experience.

Paradigm’s press materials highlight the following driver characteristics:
Millenia LP Trio’s high-frequency drivers feature:

• Patented PPA (Perforated Phase Alignment) lenses that smooth the speaker’s extended high-frequency response for incredible detail and widen sound radiation for deep and wide sound stage
• S-PAL satin-anodized pure-aluminum domes
• High-power apical formers
• Advanced motor structures with extruded aluminum heat sinks

Millenia LP Trio’s bass/midrange drivers feature:
• High-performance S-PAL satin-anodized aluminum unibody bass/midrange cones that deliver clean and clear sound by moving resonances out of the driver’s passband
• Performance-optimized nitrile-butadiene rubber surrounds
• Nomex spiders
• High-power apical formers
• A high-performance motor assembly that includes 1.5-inch high-temperature aluminum voice coils and powerful neodymium magnets

For more information, visit Paradigm online.
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