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Jul 27, 2019
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MH Labs LIO-8
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Apogee Scintilla
Hello All,

New customer ...
Anybody in this community used the M2Tech Hi-Face as USB/SPDIF converter?
Around 10 years ago I used to play music with it.

I am trying to make a setup for AL: Laptop USB-> M2 Hi-Face SPDIF -> SPDIF cable -> MH LIO-8 as DAC

Problem: I am hearing "artefacts". Sounds like a light crackle.
1st I thought mismatch in clock or timing issues.
On the DAC side changing clock source from internal to the SPDIF side.
I have been fiddling around on the PC side with settings 16/24/48 bit depth, nothing worked.
I already run out of ideas, failed to het rid of the crackle.

I tested the cable with my DVD player: works fine....

Anybody have suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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