NextLevel Acoustics CI-IW10RS-PRO Dual 10" InWall Subwoofer Review

Manufacturer & Model
NextLevel Acoustics Dual 10" InWall Subwoofer (CI-IW10RS-PRO)
$2,799 (before special AV NIRVANA pricing offer)
Capable of low frequencies comparable to in-room subwoofers
Designed for standard 2x4 construction
The NextLevel Acoustics CI-IW10RS-PRO Dual Driver InWall Subwoofer is designed for 2×4 construction applications and utilizes extremely limited rear cavity airspace to produce the deepest octaves with speed, clarity, and definition.

A few months ago I had an in-wall sub downstairs in the theater for review. My layout doesn’t necessarily require in-wall subs, but I love the idea of not looking at equipment, so it was an interesting review. The folks over at NextLevel Acoustics saw that review, and knowing that I have their Reference Cinema Series speakers in my theater for the bed layer, they wanted to get my take on their in-wall subwoofer and how it performed. Spoiler alert, it performed…well.

NextLevel Acoustics is a boutique New England-based company that makes a wide range of speakers for custom installation purposes, from in-walls, on-walls, in-ceiling, in-room, subs, and even high-performance soundbars. They consider each speaker design to be a platform that can be modified to meet anyone’s specific needs. All their speakers are engineered and designed by industry heavyweight John Sollecito. Another item of note, every speaker that comes out of their Connecticut facility is quality controlled by John before shipping.

The NextLevel Acoustics CI-IW10RS-PRO Dual Driver sub is a four ohm, dual ten inch passive subwoofer designed to fit into any standard two by four wall framing. According to the company it’s rated down to eighteen hertz, more on that in a minute.

The in-wall is also available with a single ten inch driver which is rated down to thirty two hertz, so you can see the dramatic difference in extension you get with the second driver. Both versions come with a standard white cloth grill, or you can customize to any color in order to match with your wall color or general decor.

Unlike the previous sub I demoed, the Next Level does not come bundled with an amp, which is not necessarily a bad thing in my book. This gives you the freedom to select your own amp, or use an amp you already have, and you can choose to get an amp with or without DSP. Many folks using this level of product will already have a DSP product for time aligning and calibrating multiple subs, so the flexibility could end up saving you a few bucks there.

NextLevel Acoustics is offering great savings from now through the end of the year on these subs! Reach out now to and mention this review to save on one or more in-wall subwoofer units!

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Check out my video review of the NextLevel Acoustics Dual 10" InWall Subwoofer on YouTube!

NextLevel Acoustics Dual 10" InWall Subwoofer​

  • Sealed 4ohm dual 10" subwoofer designed for 2x4 construction
  • 10" Cast frame, neodymium w/3" voice coil
  • 50-700w RMS
  • 18Hz-120Hz / 118db @1m
  • 96db @ 1w/m

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