Next step video calibration?


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Dec 6, 2020
Hi I am fairly new to this... but I have a passion for it and I am a software engineer by trade. The last month I have driven my wife nuts by the sound of sweeps and investments made into equipment in support of audio nirvana, I still have follow up items in that area but where I am is much better than where I was a month ago in regards to home theater audio, This forum has helped me improve so much to the point where I have now been jumping out of my chair based on movie audio experiences I have had a number of times prior without response. (namingly the movie 'IT' last night)

My question is... will I have as much of a revelation in efforts spent on video calibration. My wife was asking me what I was reading last night and I was briefly looking over leveraging a Raspberry Pi (of which I do have laying around) in the process of video calibration. Once she heard I moved on to video calibration... she abruptly said Oh No and I was about to be impeached from my husband role.

So... for a newb that took about 2 weeks to learn REW and the DSP implantation what do you think the learning curve will be for me to move onto video calibration considering I am also using a Sony 295ES with pretty much out of the box settings for 90% movie watching in 4K? And... could I expect to be as impressed with the end result (provided all things are done right)?

Please let me know what your thoughts are?



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Apr 4, 2017
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Or track down HCFR and use that.

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Dec 19, 2018
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I use an Xrite i1 Display Pro with their display profiling software on my PC setup. I always enjoy the 'before and after' page of the calibration process because I can directly see the color shifts that the display exhibited before the calibration; reds had too much yellow, etc...


Aug 8, 2017
Here's another software
They had a deal last year where if you bought their old software you would get a free upgrade to the new colorspace. It was much cheaper then what they charge now. I've tried dispaycal, older calman , xrite (not good for movies) and hcfr. None of them gave me the results that colorspace did repeatedly. But now it's really expensive

If you do get a meter I recommend the i1 display pro "oem" the OEM one is different then the regular one and can read up to 2000 cd/m² where the retail only does 1000.
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