Newbie DIY Acoustic Treatment - Trying hard :)


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Nov 28, 2019
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(Sorry in advance for any language mistake!)

I'm quite new to whole acoustic treatment thing, but I'm trying to take it seriously. Since I'm on the budget I just watch as many valuable tutorials and figure out the best way to treat my room.
Right now I bought few panels from a local craftsman: PT80 absorbers (120x60x10cm) and 4 bass traps (2 stacked on each other, 35x35x40).
I also put 9 Basotect foams on the ceiling (3 pieces of 80x40x5 and 6 pieces of 40x40x5).

I made some measurments in REW with UMIK-1. The good news is the frequency response of both left and right speakers are pretty well matched. The bad news is there are some problematic places
around different ranges. The funny thing is I put the absorbers down from the wall to check if the measurments will be lot different and they weren't that bad actually. When I left only 2 of them (on the left
and right from my sweet spot), the frequency response was just a bit worse.

Now I'm wondering if there is any chance to improve my treatment with more absorbers, bass traps or diffusors (still being on the budget) or should I just made an EQ correction using some house curve (Harman's for example)?
Or just leave it they way it is and mix with taking into consideration what are the problematic frequencies in my room.

Any suggestions will be appreciated :)





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