Need Help With Binary Sequenced RPG Bad Type Panels


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Nov 6, 2019
I finally got the binary sequence CNC'd. 4 120 by 60cm. 2 positive and 2 inverted with 12.7mm diameter holes.

I want to place one front and one back and the other two in direct line of fire of my horns. The horn speakers are toed in and the line if fire will be the opposite side wall.

Does it matter which location I use for the positive or inverted panels?

Also the orientation does it matter? I am hazarding a guess here that as long as the corrrect sequence is facing forward the orientation doesn't matter as it evenly diffuses sound.

And any other advice for placement? The back will be the closest with at least 2m distance from listening position and will be over head rather than right behind.

Of course measuring is best approach but once I've added it's hard to change so I might have to go with the stick and leave it approach. So any recommendations will be appreciated.
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