Need Help with Audio Request Pro Music Server


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Sep 4, 2017
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I have an Audio Request Pro music server. I have downloaded the manual and looked around on the Audio Request web site. I have also requested technical support.

I am trying to move music files to the server. They have some software called NetSync for iTunes. I have installed it on a PC, but it does not see the server over an Ethernet line. I can ping the server and access the it as a drive under Windows. I can also access the firmware interface using a browser.

It is possible to transfer music to the server using Windows, but it must require some kind of specific file format since the music I have transferred so far does not make it into the proper folder.

Does anyone have some experience with these devices?


Kal Rubinson

Nov 6, 2017
Never hear of them before. Very few links found. Their website doesn't have much info and I get the impression they are meant to be installed and set up by a professional. Hard to say.
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