NAD's C 658 BluOS Streaming DAC Set to Receive Dirac Live Update


(May 6, 2019) NAD Electronics is arriving at the Munich High End 2019 with an interesting nugget of news: the company’s C 658 BluOS Streaming DAC is set to receive an injection of high-tech performance software. On or around June 10, 2019, C 658 owners will gain access to an exciting update that enables Dirac Live room correction.

“Speaker placement is hard to get right,” says Cas Oostvogel, NAD Electronics Product Manager. “You are limited by practicalities like leaving doorways clear, placement of other furniture, and location of electrical outlets. Dirac Live essentially does the heavy lifting to make your music sound as if your speakers were ideally placed.”

Using a microphone (included with the C 658) along with Dirac’s app (iOS/Android), owners can measure the energy and time it takes for both direct and reflected sound to travel from their system’s speakers to a specified listening position. The resulting correction file compensates for issues introduced by a room, fine-tuning sound (up to 500Hz) for the ultimate listening experience.

As many as five different correction files can be created and stored. Those owners looking to correct beyond 500Hz can upgrade to Dirac Live Full for an additional fee.

The C 658 BluOS Streaming DAC, along with other NAD gear, will be on display at the Munich High End Show (Hall 3, Stand H04) from May 9-12. If you’re at the show, stop by and chat with NAD’s product team and hear the company’s gear in action!
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If I understand correctly, this unit can be placed between an existing HT processor and amp and bypassed so it would be a great way to add a higher end DAC, BlueSound streaming and Dirac for 2 channel with that setup.
Any chance a review is in the cards?

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It's an interesting device, for sure. It's a standalone streaming option with an onboard DAC. But it's also a preamp with the ability to add-on 4K HDMI video passthrough. It's a really functional high-end component option.

Perhaps I shouldn't speak for any other reviewers, but the C 658 isn't on my review docket. There is an amp/pre amp combo that NAD has asked me to review – which I plan to. This one is intriguing, though. So never say never!
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