My layman's observations - after 3+ years of use, can someone kindly explain this voodoo - it just works


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Sep 27, 2017
Can someone please explain to me why the correction based on REW sounds so absolutely good.

Let me explain, cos it only dawned on me after years of listening.

Without speaker correction, audio sound like its coming from all over the speaker, muffled....and now I realise it sounds as if there are several speakers/reflections almost like in an echo chamber.

But once I add in the correction based on REW + my manual tweaks (see below), it sounds like all the audio is coming more from a single point on the speaker, as if there is a single driver from a single point, rather than multiple time misaligned drivers at different distances from my ear.

And gone is the time smearing.

Sure is sound like a flatter eq'd sound, but only this evening did I also figure out this other phenomenon of synchronising all the frequencies so they appear to be a coherent time aligned signal.

For historic reasons, for about 6 months I've been using only one speaker so this impression of massively improved cohesion, is not formed from any stereo harmony tricks.

I do not have the audio/acoustic education to analyse this any further, I can only explain what I hear

It is phenomenal....the change in clarity from this impression of the audio coming from one source.

Should eq correction also lead to such a time realignment of all frequencies....?

Could someone who has possible explanation kindly chime in here, as I'd like to understand this further....

Is it possible that REQ also enables correction in the time domain, so that it also defeats reflections, cancelling them out, and defeating the influence of their comb filtering., creating this single source phenomenon ?

Or is this EQ correction also correcting the phase of all frequencies aligning them to the same point in time?

As you can see, I am not an audio acoustic expert, grappling to understand why this works so well.

Reminds me of the origins of science where Newton went from observation to understand why an apple falls to the ground.

I know what I have observed, but I simply cannot fully explain this time coherency aspect.

I've been using REW based speaker correction, as follows.

1, Measure speakers in REW on Windows 7 through to 10, with a Dayton Audio EMM-6 microphone, and applying the microphone calibration
2. A lot of the Iime I do not bother with calibrating the audio interface, cos when I did, it measured pretty flat.
3. Speakers are Alesis M1 MK 2 - powered monitors
4. I generate a correction set of EQ filters in REW, which I tweak further manually. in REW..

Approach is to reserve 2 or three filters for manual adjustment.

5. Then generate in REW the full correction as an impulse file (Left and Right corrections into a stereo impulse file) a .WAV file.
6. Correct using a Convolution plugin using the .WAV mpulse file.
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