My first-time Soundcard Calibration File doesn't look right. please help.

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    I'm just starting with REW V5.19Beta7A on OS-X and am trying to create a usable Soundcard calibration file from my UAD Apollo Quad. My calibration result looks like this attached screenshot. It doesn't look right to me with all these dips like comb filtering in the frequency response. I've also attached a screenshot from my sound card input/output settings which seem right. My patch lead is from monitor output 2 into line input 2. I've boosted gain in input 2 via my software mixer to balance input/output as per instructions. I've muted the monitoring in my soundcard's input channel and even tried disabling the mixer monitoring also as per the instructions. Still getting this same type of waveform with the red chatter below the waveform base line. Is this normal or am I still doing something wrong?

    I'm new to this so would really appreciate some feedback. Cheers,

    Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.08.19 am.png

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    Glitches like that can be caused by dropouts in the signal. If you look on the Scope graph after making the measurement you can check the captured signal to see if it has any gaps or discontinuities. Can try changing the REW buffer settings to see if that helps.
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    I’m supremely confident that a $2000 interface has ruler-flat response and as such doesn’t need a calibration file.

    However, you may well have an “overkill” problem. The fact is, REW works better with simple interfaces than sophisticated ones – see this post.


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