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Apr 29, 2022
Hi, is there any advantage to buying the XO version for 5.1 channel use, rather than the significantly cheaper surround version? It's unclear to me what is the difference in terms of time domain correction. Also, sorry of the dumb question, as I am new to this, but when using DRC filters like those produced by Audiolense for 5.1 or more channel systems, is there a separate convolution filter generated for each channel? On my Mac, I can definitely run convolution plugins on each channel of a multi-channel system in a variety of ways, and I assume that's the way Audiolense would work for such a system - one FIR filter for each channel. Presumably, measurement occurs with the whole system running a sweep though (or maybe not?). I know I can also download Audiolense and try it out, but maybe someone has a quick answer to these questions. Also, I know Audiolense doesn't run on a Mac, but I have a windows PC too. Thank you.
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