Monoprice Goes Discrete with Its New Monolith M-IWSUB8 and M-IWSUB82 In-Wall Subs


(April 29, 2022) Monolith's subwoofer lineup continues to grow with the release of two new architecturally inclined subwoofer designs. The all-new 8” M-IWSUB8 and Dual 8” M-IWSUB82 subs are designed to seamlessly integrate into a wall or ceiling, delivering relatively punchy bass output without taking up valuable floor space.

The M-IWSUB8 features a single 8” passive driver with a polypropylene cone and rubber surround. It’s sized to fit within standard 16” wood studs using spring-loaded binding posts, and can fade into any surface thanks to a paintable magnetic grille. The driver is capable of pushing output ranging from 36Hz to 200 Hz (4 ohms) with relative ease (91dB sensitivity).

The larger M-IWSUB82 carries a dual-driver array of 8” woofers and offers owners output characteristics nearly identical to the smaller M-IWSUB8.

Unlike most traditional subwoofers, neither in-wall model has onboard amplification. It’s up to the owner to supply an external power supply.

The single driver M-IWSUB8 is priced at $399, while the M-IWSUB82 costs $599. Both ships for free within the United States and are available now. For more information, click on the provided links.


Jan 21, 2019
These look great (obviously within the constraints of size and budget required). In fact, one might surmise that SVS is not too happy about these models which appear to undercut their rumored in wall sub by 30 to 50% in price for similar low frequency exntesion..

That being said, they have the same sensitivity and same low frequency extension as one another.....but one would think the dual model would have higher sensitivity / output. It will be great to see these get tested. I can see them being very popular in living room systems where SAF precludes a stand alone box.
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