Mitchell Acoustics uStream One Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speaker

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Mitchell Acoustics uStream One
Refined sound quality for small- to mid-sized rooms at moderate volumes. Excellent quality for music listening, and a big improvement over most big box store soundbars. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice command apps.
While they won't blow you out of the room with volume, you'll appreciate the high quality sound these affordable powered speakers put out. With no cable required between the two speakers, you have a lot of options for configuring your room's setup - each speaker does need a power outlet, though. Definitely best for use with bluetooth sources over wired connections.

Aloha, g'day mate! Top o' the morning to ya. Hola! None of these greetings are British, but these speakers are! Mitchell Acoustics has arrived in the US with their uStream One Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers.

This pair of wireless speakers offers a highly refined sound quality in a very small package. For just $499, you get two identical speakers - literally. Each speaker contains its own amp and electronics, making them interchangeable, there is no designated right and left speaker. Whichever you power on first becomes the left speaker, so make your physical connections (3.5mm line in, analog RCA or optical digital) to that speaker or they won't work.

The system is rated at 100 watts of Class D power, driving a magnesium alloy woofer and a silk composite tweeter. While your doors will not be in any danger of being blown off, you will most certainly enjoy the refined sound and solid imaging offered up by this unobtrusive pair.

We tested the Mitchell Acoustics uStream One speakers in three different setups. Watch the video below!

Mitchell Acoustics uStream One Powered Bookshelf Speakers
  • Frequency Response: 33Hz – 25kHz (±3 dB)
  • Mid-Bass Driver: 4.2" Magnesium Alloy
  • Tweeter: 1.5" Silk Composite
  • Amplifiers: 35w x 2 (woofer), 15w x 2 (tweeter) Class D for discrete driver bi-amplification
  • Remote: IR wireless
  • Bluetooth Chipset: Action Technology Version 5.0 SBC Codec with TWS (capable of 24/48 @ 345kbps)
  • Wired Inputs:
    • Left/Right RCA Input
    • 3.5mm Aux Input
    • Toslink Optical Input

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