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Dec 3, 2019
I'm wondering if there is a common opinion on microphone placement for measurements.
For simplicity, let assume we're measuring at one point only being the main listening position and frequency range > 150hz.
Obvious choices I see are:
1. Next to the ear measuring speaker on the same side - the downside I see is that in reality the head prevents reflections from the other side to reach the mic thus altering the real picture. There is indeed a measurement difference between when I sit there and when I don't sit there.
2. At the nose point - didn't measure, but theoretically there should be the same effect from the head blocking reflections from the rear of the sphere
3. At the center of the head

And another thing - in the last 2 situations above, should the mic point to the corresponding speaker or should it point straight?


Oct 4, 2018
I can only tell you what I do. I measure a single point that is in line with my ears and that is equidistant from my left and right main speakers. See screenshot.

If you are measuring a multichannel system, as I did, then you point the microphone 90 degrees at the ceiling. If it is two channel only, then you point the microphone straight ahead directly between the mains (which is how you'll get an equidistant measurement reading for the left and right channels). JCR


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Jul 8, 2018
In my system: My measurement mic is located center of my listening position with the mic pointed forward with a slight tilt upwards.

I’ve measured with the mic pointed upwards in the past but since replacing my UMik with a Earthworks M30 I no longer due to not having a 90 degree calibration file..

That being said, even measuring 90 vs straight forward I noticed little if any change in measurement response when using the UMik.
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