Meet Andover’s New PM-50 Headphones


(March 6, 2020) There’s something to be said about audio gear that proudly carries a natural appeal. Take Andover Audio’s newly launched PM-50 over-ear headphones, for example, which sports seductive walnut hardwood enclosures and gorgeously rounded black metal earlap brackets, complemented by two sets of plush earcups and robust cables.

Of course, a natural presence means nothing if a headphones’ sound isn’t suited to match. That’s why Andover opted to incorporate planar magnetic drivers capable of delivering playback ranging from a weighty 15Hz straight to inaudible frequencies in the 50kHz range. An open back design further enhances the listening experience, boosting audio with a spaciousness and transparency that’s often lost in closed-back designs.

Paced by a reasonable impedance rating of 32 ohms (102dB sensitivity), the PM-50’s sound is molded by its two ear cushion styles. According to Andover, outfitting the headphones with the thicker cushions leads to a “more relaxed and open sound,” while the thinner cushions tighten things up with “more immediacy and impact.” And for those looking for even more padded options, a third set of “looser” cushions will become available during Q3 of 2020.

The PM-50 ships with an oxygen-free copper cable and stereo jack adapter. Priced at $500, the PM-50 is positioned to challenge other higher-end personal audio options. For more information and a purchasing link, visit Andover Audio on the net.
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