MantleMount's Revolutionary MM860 Robotic Mount Is Mounting Perfection


(October 3, 2019) Originally launched into the industry fueled by a strong Kickstarter campaign, MantleMount has come a long way over the past five years. The company now offers a multitude of models spanning a range of price points. And, in recent years, MantleMount has attacked the custom install and high-end segment with motorized models, culminating in its latest release: the MM860.

The MM860 (MSRP $1,999) carries a hefty price tag, but it's loaded with a massive amount of convenience technologies that push mount automation to unprecedented levels. At its core, the MM860 is designed to mount a TV over a fireplace or mantle, providing owners with motorized positional movement that can drop and angle a TV from a high perch to eye level. Of course, there are other mounts on the market that perform this kind of functionality, but none of them do it with the brains or class that MantleMount's engineers have injected into their new creation.

First and foremost, the MM860 draws upon past models by offering motorized temperature sensing monitoring. Essentially, this means the mount uses sensors to monitor heat sources near the mounting system, automatically retracting a TV to a safe "up" position if things get a little bit too hot. This sort of smart functionality is just the tip of the iceberg, as the MM860 can be paired with a massive array of control systems, including Control4, Crestron, RTI, Logitech, and URC. It also carries command sets for hard-coding with other systems, while offering basic point-and-click remote operation through a supplied remote or IR remotes sold by Logitech and URC.

The MM860 is DHC-enabled at the factory, making the mount easy to identify on a network, and an onboard web server provides integrators with simple browser-based configuration. MantleMount says the MM860's communication protocols allow the mount to be managed with IP and RS232 via Ethernet, dry contacts, or serial IRDA port.

Servicing is aided by an easy-access, lightweight, control box.

The mount's position ability is guided by proprietary onboard software and a patent-pending multi-axis hub/electronic actuator system that delivers quiet synchronous vertical and horizontal travel. In fact, a user's preferred viewing position can be preset and achieved when the mount senses a TV is powered On. Overall travel allows the mount to offer a vertical drop of up to 30", an off-the-wall distance of 20.5" – 24", and a swivel capacity of up to 25° to either side. Travel limits can be set to ensure the mount never touches a wall or mantel, and in the event of power failure, the mount has a location memory to ensure seamless performance when power is regained.

Installation can be achieved on a surface or recessed for a true flush-to-wall look. When recessed, the mount's controls and lifting arms are completely concealed for clean overall aesthetics.

For those of you interested in an M8600, MantelMount says it won't be sold directly to consumers. You can, however, purchase one through MantleMount's authorized dealer network.

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