MantelMount’s Unique TV Mounting Solutions Find a Pathway to Retail Stores


(July 10, 2020) The driving force behind MantelMount’s inception was quite simple: devise a better solution for mounting a TV over a fireplace. The company officially launched that solution some six years ago, introducing a mount that could be pulled off a wall, moved down in front of a fireplace, and swiveled for optimal viewing. And for situations where heat was involved, the mount’s heat-sensing handles were designed to turn red in order to alert owners of a potentially dangerous situation.

MantleMount’s original concept caught fire (figuratively, of course), giving birth to an entire lineup of manual and motorized mounting solutions crafted to meet the needs of both e-shoppers and the custom install industry. For independent consumers, the company’s web-based storefront is easy to navigate and full of helpful information – including product videos, but it doesn’t offer the ability to touch, feel, and see products in real-world action. MantelMount’s latest bit of news, however, is about to give independent consumers a better shot at experiencing those actions before purchasing.

Last week, MantelMount announced a new partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group, a purchasing group comprised of appliance, furniture, bedding, electronics, custom install, and rent-to-own dealers. Nationwide has more than 5,000 members operating roughly 14,000 storefronts. Not only does this partnership increase a buyer’s ability to see one of MantleMount’s creations in action, but it also increases the company’s market reach into furniture and appliance stores.

“We literally created a new TV mount category, with proprietary technology that solves widespread problems associated with high-on-the wall installations,” said Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount. “It’s amazing. Once someone sees it in action, they instantly want one. Yet despite our rapid growth, there are still people who just don’t know they exist. This partnership with Nationwide will go a long way toward addressing that challenge.”

Specific retailer names and locations haven’t been revealed yet, but we expect that MantelMount’s website will carry that information as it becomes available. For now, visit to see the company’s complete range of mounting solutions.
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