macOS vs Windows 10 channel mapping


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Nov 24, 2020
This might help others in future.

I was trying to understand why my AL convolution filters that worked automatically on Windows 10, didn't automatically work on macoS (I use HQPlayer convolver and a mix of Linux, Win10, macOS 'endpoints' around the house for music playback from Roon)

Both operating systems were setup for 7.1 channel

Stupidly I didn't realise the 'default' 7.1 mapping on macOS for the 4 surrounds is not the same as Windows 10.

macOS default can be very easily changed though, unlike Windows, to match if you want.

Just so someone else doesn't have this head scratching in future, here is the answer :-)

This is the default for each macoS and Win10. And macOS allows you to easily change channel numbers to match Win10 if you want. Or leave it if you want.

At least you'll know why it didn't automatically translate. The difference is in the 4 surrounds.

HQPlayer follows the Windows 10 mapping so thats why it didn't automatically work on macOS. Easily fixed once you realise it.



Feb 12, 2020
Just remember if you play 5.1 audio it must be in a "7.1 container" or the side surrounds will play out Ch 5 & Ch 6
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