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    Luxman Launches Its New Audiophile-Grade PD-151 Turntable

    [​IMG] (March 7, 2019) New York’s Luxman America has announced the availability of its all-new PD-151 belt driven turntable. Priced at $3,895, this new model is aimed squarely at the discerning audiophile looking for build quality, components, and overall performance factors that will bleed every last drop of audio goodness from their favorite vinyl.

    On the outside, the PD-151 presents a modern flair with squared-off edges and an overall minimalist appearance. The player’s front panel presents simple controls for power, motor control, and one of three operational speeds (33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm), paired with small indicator lights. These features are complimented by an optional 4mm thick acrylic dust cover.

    Internally, Luxman has crafted the PD-151 to combat several vinyl-busting occurrences: vibration and variations in platter speed. First, to address vibrations, the PD-151 carries large rubber isolation feet that can be adjusted (height-wise) up to 3/8”. These feet, selected for their superior damping properties, are complimented by an underslung chassis found below a 10mm thick machined aluminum top plate and internal rubber damping mounts positioned to isolate the chassis from potential motor and power transformer vibrations.

    Variations in platter speed, measured as wow & flutter, can inflict irreparable harm on playback quality. To combat this, Luxman’s engineers designed a system that utilizes a “unique” sine wave/pulse width modulation power supply married to an all-new brushless motor. The motor’s internal PID feedback control loop monitors and maintains rotation speeds, assuring the 8.8 lbs platter spins with pure consistency.

    Finishing off the package are detachable output and IEC power cables (which can be substituted with aftermarket cables) and a Jelco tonearm that accommodates phono cartridges weighing 4- to 12-grams.

    The PD-151 is shipping now.


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