Looking for starting point assistance in aligning subs and actuators.


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May 6, 2020
My AV System  
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Marantz 8802a
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Marantz MM8077
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Marantz MM7055
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Crowson D-501
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Panasonic UB9000 UHD player
Front Speakers
Atlantic Technology IW-30LCR
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Atlantic Technology IW-30LCR
Surround Speakers
Atlantic Technology IW-155 SR
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Atlantic Technology IW-155 SR
Front Height Speakers
Atlantic Technology IC-6 OBA
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Atlantic Technology IC-6 OBA
SVS PB-16 Ultra
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Crowson Shadow Actuators
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JVC RS:600 projector
Seymour Center Stage XD AT
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Logitech Harmony
Hello everyone, obviously I'm new here, though I've lurked around here and AVS and read over countless threads and videos over the last month. And while I love the thought of making my setup better, so many of the tutorials on how to get there may as well be written in another language. Same with the measurement charts of what I'm looking at. I want to get there, but hoping someone would be willing to assist with what I needed to do and give insight on what I should change based on what I could show them.

My main goal is to make my sub sound better and line up the timing/phase with my Crowson motion actuators. Would also love hearing the ideal settings people like to use to get the most out of the actuators. In my head that part should be as easy as plug and play.
My other speakers (7 surround, 4 atmos) had already been calibrated for my room by a pro, so I guess I'm hesitant with tinkering too much on my own as to not mess up what I've already got going.

I'm on a 2015 Mac with the HDMI ports etc so that makes hookup easy. I have the miniDSP 2x4 HD with DG wifi hub and the UMIK-1 mic, and have followed all the guides in getting everything initially setup. Even skipped ahead a little and saved a house curve (practically empty) and made it work with BEQdesigner where it automatically adds it to the BEQ files when sending over to the miniDSP. Played around with several BEQ added titles I had and was already impressed at the improvement it made for some of the lackluster Disney releases.

So I think I've got that part of the puzzle figured out, just need help filling in the technical blanks to get a better optimized house curve to use with this. Thanks!
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