Locked and Loaded, AudioQuest's JitterBug FMJ Goes Full Metal Jacket


(April 28, 2021) AudioQuest's original JitterBug USB Noise Filter can be used in series or parallel to reduce contamination from RF generated by a computer, car, or other devices. Now, JitterBug has gotten a boost thanks to a new metal case and an RF-defeating rubber output cover.

JitterBug FMJ ($59.95) inserts into any USB-A port – be it on a computer, NAS, streamer, or car audio system – in front of a DAC/AMP or other connection. And for additional sonic improvement, it can pull RF noise off a USB power bus when inserted in another unoccupied USB port. In fact, AudioQuest claims that JitterBug FMJ provides a substantial improvement even when plugged into service-only or update-only USB ports on many devices.

Owners of DragonFly Cobalt are encouraged to experiment when placing a JitterBug in front of the device, as Cobalt employs some of the JitterBug's filtering, which may hurt performance.

JitterBug uses USB-A connections on both ends. When used with a computer or other device (or car) with only USB-C connections, AudioQuest offers a super-compact high-performance C-male to A-female adaptor for $21.95, and also the DragonTail flexible C-to-A adaptor (included with DragonFly Cobalt) for $29.95.

JitterBug FMJ is expected to begin shipping on May 15, 2021.
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