Lenbrook and OraStream Join Forces to Strengthen BluOS Hi-Res Streaming Capabilities


(December 18, 2019) The Lenbrook Group, creator of the BluOS Hi-Res streaming platform, and OraStream have inked an agreement that should prove beneficial to Hi-Res music fans around the world. Based in Singapore, OraStream’s adaptive streaming solution gives content creators, developers, and distributors the ability to encode, deliver, unpack, and playback music without effecting a baseline 16/24-bit lossless resolution.

According to OraStream’s founder, Frankie Tan: “Our company led the development of scalable high-res audio streaming, which led to the launch of the world’s first high-res audio streaming music service in 2015. Today, our high-quality audio streaming solution is used by a new generation of high-res audio streaming services with more announcements anticipated as we move forward. We are on the next phase of extending our high-quality audio streaming solution into wireless home audio devices and are extremely pleased to collaborate with Lenbrook’s BluOS high-res audio platform in this endeavor”.

Much to its benefit, Lenbrook’s BluOS protocol has been open to third-party audio brands for several years, allowing integration with technologies such as OraStream. In fact, BluOS devices will now stand as OraStream’s largest ecosystem of products offering music fans access to its benefits.

“The growing recognition of the BluOS operating system in the audiophile world is a result of an unwavering commitment about what the high-resolution audio listening experience can offer to music lovers” explained Lenbrook’s CEO, Gordon Simmonds. “The amazing and modern hi-fi brand called Bluesound was born on this engine and the platform is being opened to other global premium audio brands like DALI Loudspeakers (Denmark) and Monitor Audio (UK). These brands are choosing to be part of an open ecosystem that offers a broad array of unique audio solutions to music lovers that truly care about what they listen to in their home.”

According to Lenbrook, the first OraStream content will become avaialble via BluOS during Q1 2020 (US market).


Kal Rubinson

Nov 6, 2017
I have some experience with OraStream when they were the vehicle for the now-defunct Naxos Classical Service and it was a really solid performer. Interesting.


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Apr 18, 2017
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This is cool. I have a NAD receiver with BluOS, so I will have to keep an eye out for the changes this will bring. :)
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