Kaleidescape Goes Bigger, Unveils Terra Prime 96TB Movie Server


(April 2, 2024) Kaleidescape has announced two new movie server options, with one delivering the LARGEST storage capacity offered to date. The new Terra Prime HDD 96TB (terabyte) bests Kaleidescape's previous large server by 8 terabytes, replacing the discontinued 88TB model and claiming the company's flagship status. For buyers looking to dial back cost but still wanting high storage capacity, a new Terra Prime HDD 72TB model is available.

“Kaleidescape continues to innovate, delivering hardware improvements and frequent automatic software updates to enrich customers’ movie-watching experience,” explained Tayloe Stansbury, chairman & CEO of Kaleidescape. “These new servers enable customers to build robust libraries encompassing movies, TV series, and concerts with lossless audio and full reference video.”

Terra Prime HDD servers feature an all-new board design with faster processing power and networking and enterprise-class disk drives that meet the strictest industry standards. It's also the only movie server system equipped with 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, which ultimately means it's capable of downloads approaching just eight minutes. Additionally, they can serve up to five simultaneous playback zones (compact models) or up to 10 simultaneous playback zones (full-size models) simultaneously.

The full-size Terra Prime HDD 96TB can store approximately 1,600 4K movies, the 72TB stores roughly 1,200, and the 48TB can house 800 Kaleidescape 4K films. And for movie aficionados who want it all upfront on the day of purchase, Kaleidescape’s "Ultimate 4K System" bundle now includes two Terra Prime 96TB movie servers loaded with every 4K title available on the Kaleidescape movie store at the time of shipment.

The smaller "compact" Terra Prime 22TB stores approximately 350 Kaleidescape 4K movies, while the 8TB version stores roughly 130.

Visit Kaleidescape.com for more information.

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That's a whole heap a lotta movies there. Someone will spend some money buying and filling that up. :spend:
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