Kaleidescape Continues to Beef Up Its Terra Movie Server Lineup, Adds 6TB Version


(January 4, 2021) In a move that's sure to please buyers looking for a "budget" offering from the makers of the industry's most elite movie playback system, Kaleidescape has announced the arrival of another spacing-saving Terra server model. The all-new 6TB version is just as compact as the company's 12TB and 18TB versions, which are sized to match a Strato C movie player and can be mounted next to a Strato C in a 1U rack space (Kaleidescape’s custom rack mount required).

“The compact Terra 6TB, when combined with a Strato C player, replaces the Kaleidescape Strato S as our entry-level system, while providing the ultimate playback experience with significantly greater scalability and performance,” said Tayloe Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape.

With the power to download feature-length 4K movies in as little as ten minutes on a gigabit internet connection, the compact Terra 6TB provides four times faster movie downloads than the Strato S 6TB all-in-one player-server. In addition, a compact Terra 6TB can serve up to five simultaneous 4K Ultra HD playbacks on Strato players in different rooms, compared to only two simultaneous playbacks for Strato S. The compact Terra 6TB can download movies while simultaneously supporting playbacks on Strato players, which is something Strato S cannot do. And movie lovers can scale up their storage by adding a compact Terra 6TB, 12TB, or 18TB or a full-sized Terra 24TB, 48TB, or 72TB.

The Kaleidescape compact Terra 6TB movie server is initially offered as a bundle with the Strato C movie player at a special price of $7,995 through March 31, 2022.

For more information contact your local Kaleidescape dealer or visit www.kaleidescape.com.
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