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    New house under construction, new A/V opportunity, old ears (some hi-f hearing loss). Coming from Def Tech Procinema 600 5.1 so my baseline isn't too high. New system will be wired for 7.1.2 (wired for 2 subs) with distributed audio via MusicCast with WXA-50 amps. Yamaha RXA-660 Aventage AVR (80 wpc). Chane A2.4 speakers for L/C/R, Hsu sub VTF2-Mk5 (12") w/1 to start, ceiling ATMOS. 80% HT, 20% soft rock, vocal clarity is important, loudness is not, not bassheads but enjoy moderate bass support for music & movies. Big issue is that HT room is 14x14x9 with 3.5 hard walls (windows, drywall), 0.5 wall open to larger surrounding area, hard ceiling (drywall) and hardwood/concrete floor. These dimensions concern me. I'm starting from limited knowledge but willing to work thru learning curve, with help that may be available. Can REW software help determine room treatment and speaker placement ?

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