REW Beta Release inputs/outputs missing? (linux)

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    I want to measure my room and want better accoustics etc.

    I'm using a RME Multiface2 interface. Via Adat a ada8000 is connected for extra inputs.
    i can't select the needed input. I only have left/right?? I've got 18 inputs, my microphone for measurements is connected
    on input 9. (that's on my ada8000 because multiface has no XLR inputs).

    How can i make all my inputs visible?

    Bitwig has no troubles for seeing all my inputs & outputs via Alsa soundsystem so the problem is inside REW i think.
    The stable version doesn't work also.
  2. John Mulcahy

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    Apr 3, 2017
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    The problem is REW is only looking for formats with up to 8 channels, and your soundcard will be offering stereo or 18-channel. I have it on my list to tackle that shortly, but will be a few weeks as I'll be working abroad all next week.
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