I tried to increase sweep resolution...


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Jan 12, 2019
...by making a sweep between 300 and 335 Hz, but it seems the actual sweep goes way below and way beyond. Even the slowest sweep goes too fast over this range.
I'm investigating very narrow filters and I would like to make the sweep very slow in the range of interest.
Is that a limitation, or something that I do wrong?
I have a request (very often I find it's already implemented and I just haven't learnt how to read): Is it possible to make the measurement stop the sweep until a valis measurement has been taken, as it's done in the AP systems.
By default, the AP accepts a measurement after 3 reasonably close (user-defined number and tolerance) measurements, and resumes the sweep only then.

John Mulcahy

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Apr 3, 2017
Here is the explanation of the Measurement Sweep. Note that this is not a series of stepped sine measurements, the resolution is not determined by the frequency range you choose. The resolution is determined partly by the length of the sweep and mainly by the length of the windows applied to the resulting impulse response and how much of the impulse response is retained. I do not recommend using such a narrow frequency range, it is better to leave the sweep set to the full frequency range and that will produce a valid impulse response.

If you only wish to see the frequency response over a narrow span you could use the stepped sine measurement, but the maximum step resolution is 96 PPO so probably not suitable for very narrow filters.
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