HIFIMAN Set to Invade CanJam NYC with Its New DEVA Headphones


(February 14, 2020) HIFIMAN has announced it's arriving at CanJam NYC with a new headphone model and associated Hi-Res streaming accessory. The all-new DEVA is a direct descendant of the company’s Susvara headphones. It’s scheduled to begin shipping in March for $299.

DEVA is an open-back planar magnetic design that utilizes a nano-thick diaphragm capable of ultra-fast response times (20Hz - 20kHz, 93.5dB sensitivity, 18 ohms). Slotted as one of HIFIMAN’s Advanced Active Headphones (AAH), DEVA is crafted using top-shelf components married with a delicious styling that screams quality.

The phones’ user-replaceable 3.5mm balanced input allows owners to experience true stereo separation when tapping balanced sources, while also delivering the ability to connect common sources such as laptops and smartphones. Additionally, an included 6.5mm cord delivers compatibility with desktop amplifiers.

DEVA’s unique Bluetooth dongle allows the headphones to operate wirelessly, supporting Hi-Res codecs such as LDAC and aptx-HD. Beyond providing wireless support, the dongle can be used as an integrated DAC/amp for sources connected via USB-C cable. Its built-in amp module delivers up to 1 watt per channel.

“Like its predecessor, ANANDA-BT, the DEVA raises the bar for wireless audio but at a moderate price point,” explains Dr. Fang Bian, Founder and CEO, HIFIMAN Electronics. “No matter if it is used with a wired or wireless connection, DEVA will outperform every headphone in its price class, every time.”

If you’d like to demo DEVA, visit HIFIMAN at CanJam NYC from February 15-18 this weekend!



AV Addict
Jun 20, 2017
So, no closed back headphone coming out. My wife hates listening to my music while she is watching TV. So, I've got to have a close back headphones. I am not sure I want to spend $300 on them though.
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