HIFIMAN Arrives at CanJam SoCal with Two New Headphones, a New DAC, and More!

(September 23, 2021) Building on past success, HIFIMAN has injected two popular planar magnetic models, Deva and Arya, with its all-new Stealth Magnet technology. Utilizing an intentional shape that enables waves to pass through the magnets without wave diffraction or interference, HIFIMAN says Stealth Magnet technology lends to a detailed and transparent sound devoid of extraneous noise. While users' ears will appreciate the technology's positive impacts on sound stage and imaging, their wallets will also be happy as it won't be a factor that causes pricing to jump.

Deva is receiving an additional boost thanks to HIFIMAN’s new Himalaya R2R DAC architecture. This chip features an array of resistors with a new algorithm for reduced power handling between the chip and peripheral components. The result is cost-effective efficiency across signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion, and energy consumption.

The new "Deva Pro" ($329) gives owners access to both wired and Bluetooth listening modes, while the new Arya with Stealth Magnet technology ($1,599) is capable of delivering a response of 8Hz - 65KHz.

To achieve wireless connectivity, the Deva Pro is bundled with HIFIMAN's new Bluemini R2R ($149), a super-charged version of HIFIMAN’s original Bluemini dongle thanks to the Himalaya DAC. According to HIFIMAN's president and CEO, Dr. Bian, “The original Bluemini was recognized as being an important accessory for achieving true high-fidelity audio over Bluetooth. Our new piece offers an even greater resolution, with the same convenience and ease of use.”

Sporting a battery life of up to eight hours and an output that exceeds 200mw balanced per channel, Bluemini R2R is currently compatible with HIFIMAN’s DEVA Pro and R10D headphones (additional models will be introduced later this year). The company touts the Bluemini R2R as blending true hi-res. audio, out-of-band noise, and low energy consumption to create a high-performance match for in-ear monitors at any price point. Its internal HIMALAYA DAC module supports the typical PCM signal transmitted by the most common IIS audio interface (up to 24-bit resolution), and an adaptor cable allows the dongle to drive headphones with 3.5mm TRRS or 4.4mm balanced plugs.

The Deva pro, Arya, and Bluemini R2R will hit the streets during October. If you're attending CanJam SoCal this weekend, stop by HIFIMAN for a demo!

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