HDMI TEST BENCH: A Full Review of AIMIBO's 4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit

Manufacturer & Model
AIMIBO's 4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit
Aimibo claims the kit is capable of 165ft long-range transmission and a 4K 30Hz home theater experience, featuring dual ports on the receiver (HDMI, VGA), dual ports on the transmitter (USB-C, HDMI), and wide compatible with HDMI devices.
Aimibo asked AV NIRVANA to review its new 4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit. We accepted and put the kit to the test, evaluating most every aspect of its performance. While the kit doesn't live up to the company's hype, it does enough well to make it worth buying for certain uses.

Welcome to our first review installment of HDMI Test Bench, a new series dedicated to objectively analyzing HDMI cables, splitters, switches, and wireless transmitters. Thanks to a partnership with Murideo, we'll be using their high-tech 8K Fox & Hound HDMI 2.1 Testing Kit to identify exact performance parameters of various HDMI products. We have some exciting components to this series, so stay tuned!

Today's review subject is a 4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit manufactured by a company called Aimibo. It's sold on Amazon, and its product page is loaded with claims of low latency, smooth video performance, easy set-up, and 4K 30/60Hz transmission. Using Murideo's 8K Fox & Hound, and a variety of real-world 4K sources and displays, we confirm the kit's actual capabilities. Is it worth purchasing? Tune in and find out!

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AIMIBO's 4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit Manufacturer Specifications
  • Dual port on Transmitter: USB-C & HDMI
  • Dual Outputs on Receiver: HDMI & VGA
  • Plug and Play, no Bluetooth, WiFi, or Apps.
  • Transmit range up to 165FT/50M, if obstructed signal distance might be shorten to 30FT/10M.
  • 4K@30HZ
  • 5GHz wireless frequencies for smooth video with 0.1s latency.
  • Support for up to 8 Transmitters feeding 1 Receiver and 8 TXs, best for big meeting room
  • Devices can stream directly to the Receiver

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